Our Team

AVALUXE as Preferred Employer

AVALUXE recognizes its dependence on all employees. Therefore it is our aim to be the preferred employer for them. Our employees are the guarantee for our success and we want to create an environment where talents can flourish.

Management Competency

Our managers are competent in human resource management as well as in technology. They are aware of the responsibilities of their employees, and they lead them according to clear guidelines. Open communication and the recognition of individual potentials are the keystones to foster their individual skills. We create conditions that allow us not only to promote talent but to discover it.

Practiced Business Culture

Honesty and respect for each other, openness, appreciation and tolerance guide our interactions.

Each one of us assumes responsibility for one’s actions. We appreciate and support a spirit of innovation and business acumen which leads us to improved processes and solutions.



Layer by LayerFASCINATING!

AVALUXE – your specialist for PVD thin film coating materials

Established in 2004 – currently 15 employees


Headquarters in Fuert/Germany, sales office in North America


60 years of experience in thin film technology


28.5 tons of sputter/evaporation materials dispatched in Q1/2017


Current active customers: >250


New ISO-Standard 9001:2015